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WAYNESBURG: 724-627-0608
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GREENSBURG: 724-522-5456
UNIONTOWN: 724-439-0308
WAYNESBURG: 724-627-0608
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substance use disorder treatment

Healing. Clarity. Recovery. 

Axiom Family Counseling Services, Inc. is a state licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment center with locations throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Axiom understands  that addiction can destroy not only the individual addicted but their families as well.  Treatment is focused on not just getting someone out of active addiction but to assist individuals in rebuilding their lives!

Axiom utilizes evidenced-based treatment to assist individuals to obtain sustainable recovery with intensive counseling. Outpatient substance use disorder treatment programs are beneficial to many people. Our goal in treatment is to break the cycle of abuse and give individuals the tools they need to remain stable long after they have completed our program.

The following is a list of services we offer under our Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program: 

  • Individual, Group, Family Counseling 
  • Medication-Assisted Interventions including Vivitrol & Suboxone
  • Outpatient Drug-Free Counseling 
  • Treatment programs for Pregnant Women
  • Co-Occurring Services for Addictions and Mental Health Issues
  • DUI Offender program
  • Treatment for Mandated Clients from Parole, Probation and Diversion Programs

Call us today to schedule an appointment for an assessment to determine how our different treatment options can help you!  

Substance use disorder treatments are available at our Fayette County, PA and Westmoreland County, PA locations.


Our Services and employment are provided in a nondiscriminatory manner, without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, disability and age.